Music contest shows in UK

The  talent shows started in UK early in 50s...

UK's entertainmet industry produced numerous sucessful formats of reality TV shows in the world, idols which began in 2001 with UK's Pop Idol, then the subsequent TV series of The X Factor which started to broadcast in UK in 2004, and Britain's Got Talent , the series 2020 of which is still broadcasted today.


Created by: Simon Fuller

Original Release: 2001

Adopted in over 40 regions over the world


Created by: Rob Beckett/Geri Halliwell

Original Release: 2018

Adopted in about 10 regions oversea

Created by: Simon Cower/SYCO

Original Release: 2004

Adopted in over 40 regions over the world


Created by: Simon Fuller

Original Release: 2006

Adopted in over 68 regions over the world


Created by: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Original Release: 2012

UK's local programme

Sometimes they also adpot the other's formats


Originated from: The voice of Holland(Netherlands)


Originated from: King of Mask Singer (South Korea)

What is Media Franchise?

A media franchise, also known as multimedia franchise, is a collection of related media in which several derivative works have been produced from an original creative work of fiction, such as a film, a work of literature, a television program or a video game. The intellectual property from the work can be licensed to other parties or partners for further derivative works and commercial exploitation across a range of media and by a variety of industries for merchandising purposes.

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Here is a list of television show franchises...

Who became famous since then?

Will Young, British Singer songwriter, he was a student at Arts Educational School when he participated in the contest of Pop Idol in 2001, after winning, he released his 1st album "From now on", which reached the number one of UK album chart!

Since that he gained great success at music.

Except music, he also acted in film, on stage and in television.

Rak-Su, a British R&B group, they're the winner of X-factor in 2017, after winning, they realsed their 1st single, "Demilo", which hit number two in UK chart.