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<Culture Salon>Jodo Buddism and Tsukijihongwanji Temple

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Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to announce that

Our 1st online culture salon will be held on JST May 31 (Sun) 10:00

We believe you may have visited Tsukiji seafood market for couple of times,
and you may have noticed the indian style temple.

It's one of Jodo buddism temple in Japan, I was very impacted when I saw it the first time, Japanese? Southeastern? Indian or Islamic? It puzzled me, and made me explore more about it...

After discussion with our philosophy specailist Higuchi Tomoko, we decided to share what we think it's funny and important about the temple with you.

In this culture salon, we'll decode the following to the audiences,

1. The basic concept of Jodo Buddism
2. The generation of Jodo sect in Japan
3. The basic layout of Jodo buddism temple
4. The highlight of the temple, and things to do when you visit

There is a Q&A session in the whole progress, if you have any concern, you can raise your question to Higuchi San during the session.


Participation Fee: 1,000 Yen per account

(You can share 1 account with your family or someone you're together with)

Event date: 2020.5.31(Sun)

Starting Time:  10:00(Japan Time)

Duration Time: 2hr

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