Just use these trendy Chinese slangs

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Today, I summarized some useful&up-to-date Chinese phrases&words for you,

Just use it when you chat with your Chinese friends, 'cause it makes you a full Chinese guy~

Let's break down the cultureal barrier,

① 戏精xì jīng (n. adj.)

It literally means someone who is good at acting, someone is a drama genius, it doesn't mean the person is actually good at performace or a real actor, it's not a praise, in contrast, the word indicates someone who acts like a drama queen, and always overdose or overreact towards something. But it isn't an entriely negative or ironic word, sometimes neutral, because there're still many enjoy being a 戏精. Simply because they'd like to be conspicuous, they're so narcissism.


加戏 jiā xì ( v.)

It's a relative word of 戏精, a verb, that means adding extra drama. The action of someone overdose or overreact towards something on purpose to grab people's attention, It's more negative than 戏精,

because 戏精 could be a joke between acquaintances, the expression of 加戏 is often used to convey a sense of blame or irony.

② 杠精 gàng jīng (n. adj.)

It means someone who is always intended to critize something. 杠 means dispute something with somebody, 精 means genius. Such as antis or someone who is accustomed to impose strict requirements on the others. Yes, they always try to find some excuses to dispute some problems.

③硬核 yìng hé (adj.)

It literally means hard-core, maybe similar with English, but still a little bit different.

Today, we don't say "Apple Inc. is a very strong company", we don't say the word of "strong" or "unbeatable", instead, we use 硬核 in China at the most of times.

It's still a positive meaning word by now.

OK, lesson 1 is over now,

Let's talk in next time!

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