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Garden Types

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

寝殿造の庭園 Shinden-Zukuri #Garden

厳島神社 Itsukushima Shrine

It's hardly seen nowadays in Japan, because they've almost been destroyed in Wars or conflagrations in ancient times, whereas still we can find it in Japanese classical literatures…

浄土式庭園 True pure land Buddhist style Garden

無量光院 Muryoko-in Temple

it is almost the same with Shinden-dukuri style Garden, what's different is it's related to Buddhism.

池泉回遊式庭園 Kaiyu-style Garden

天龍寺 Tenryu Temple

It was very commonly adopted by #Daimyos(feudal lord), who's the employer of Samurai, and actually the main garden style.

借景式庭園 Borrowed scenery Garden

円通寺 Entsuuji Temple

枯山水 Dry landscape Garden

龍安寺 Ryuanji Temple

Dry landscape style Garden is only consisting of the paving sands and stones, without using of aquatic element, the paved sands represent the water, or in the consideration of bigger picture, the sea, or just say it's Pacific ocean, that's very unique gardening concept in the world.

Usually, a Japanese Garden is a mixture of Kaiyu-style garden and the others, seems like Kaiyu-stule garden + Dry landscape style garden, so it's a complex of many styles, not simplex.

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