3 Recommends of Japanese Techno Music

Hi everyone, do you guys like #music? We'd like to talk #popculture more from now.

Today's sharing is #Techno Music

#TechnoMusic is a music genre originated in #Detroit in mid-80s. It's a derivative of #HouseMusic, which originated in #Chicago in 70s. Detroit techno resulted from the melding of synthpop by artists such as Kraftwerk,Giorgio Moroderand, #YMO(Yellow Magic Orchestra) with African American styles such as house,electro, and funk.

As mentined above, we're gonna introduce you YMO's techno classic, 邂逅, which means encounter! Let's groove!

1. YMO邂逅 (Encounter)

The second one,

2. #電気ビリビリ(Electronic numbness) by #電気グルーヴ(Electronic groove)

Are you ready? It's one of the records in the 1999 released album, 662 BPM BY DG, that's definitly a fantastic one in Japanese music history.


I'm, tingling all over...

Let's conclude with the last one, we're gonna listen to something chill-out, and what's the point, a Cawaii one,

We're gonna try a super cawaii song,

3. 原宿いやほい (Harajuku Iyahoi) from #Kyarypamyupamyu

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