What size is your tour?

Our tours are small-group tours with up to 7-10 people.

Do you provide private tours?

Yes, we focus on private tours.  If you would like a private tour, please inquiry us via E-mail

Is there a vegetarian, optional menu on the tours?

Yes, we have vegetarian menu options available for most (but not all) of our tours; please tell us in advance so we can make the proper arrangements.

Are Sumimasen Tours LGBT friendly?

Yes, our tours are LGBT friendly. We love to provide our services to people of all backgrounds and believe that a diverse tour service is the best way to connect with people around the world. We are open to the LGBT community and happy to have tour guests of any gender, sexual identity, race, religion and nationality.  

Are your tours wheelchair accessible?

A few of our tours are wheelchair accessible.  Please check the tour page for details or email us if you would like to make sure.  There is a lot of walking on our tours so if you have concerns please let us know.

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