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Our concept generated by the idea of humbleness.

Japanese people are considered as humble persons, that's true, they do not tend to put themselves as the most irradiating position, instead they prefer the sense of harmony(和).

Some kind of vague words, are commonly used by Japanese people, to express their feeling, such as"Sumimasen", it can be a casual apology, which means "I'm sorry", or if you want to ask a stranger some questions or you just want to summon the staff in a restaurant, you can say "sumimasen", it's a common way to start, which means "Excuse me" in this situation.

The 3rd meaning, guess what? "Thank you", yes it also can be used as a quick way to express one's gratitude. People in Tokyo frequently say "sumimasen", instead of "arigato", the later means nothing but "thank you".


So if you're not sure which tour is better when you travel in Japan, don't hesitate to choose Sumimasen Tours, because it's just right!


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Origami DIY

Our guide teach you how to make a Japanese Origami


We focus on delicious food, tasting is one of the most important element in our tours

Real local experience

You will find some interesting and authentic details in our tours




Sumimasen Tours is owned and operated by Mikikiitos


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Having run domestic tours in Japan for 5 years, we're currently planning to launch International Tours for foreign tourists, expats, foreigner students, anyone who is foreigner people, and interested in our tours. 


The tours are supposed to be started late in Mar 2020.

Please let us know if you have any idea or advice about our service.









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Tokyo Food Tours

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